How to access the Castle

Crowning the 166 meters of altitude of Mount Benacantil is the Castle of Santa Barbara, a space that was conceived as one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain, from which you can enjoy 360º views of the city of Alicante. The Castle of Santa Barbara since 1961 is considered of Cultural Interest.



In Avenida Juan Bautista Lafora (in front of the Postiguet Beach).

Price: PVP 2,70€.

Free for pensioners or over 65 years, children under 5 years and officials in the performance of their duties Security Forces and Bodies in the line of duty.

Last elevator up: 40 minutes before the closing time of the elevators.

Last elevator down: 20 minutes before the closing time of the elevators.


Approximate fares from the nearest stops are:


Daytime: 4€ - 5€.

Evening and Holidays: 5.20€ -. 6.00€.


Daytime: 4.50€ - 5.50€.

Evening and Holidays: 5.50€ - 6.50€.

Plaza del Mar:

Daytime: 6€ - 7€.

Night and Holidays: 7€ - 8€.

Hotel Meliá.

Daytime: 6.50€ - 7.50€.

Night and Holidays: 7.50€ - 8.50€.

Cruise Terminal:

Daytime: 8.00€ - 9.00€.


- ITINERARY 1. From the City Hall, passing through the old town.

This itinerary starts with a walk through the streets of the historic center and, once you have reached the Ereta Park, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, the skyline of Alicante, the neighboring towns and the Mediterranean Sea.

- ITINERARY 2. From the Postiguet Beach.

In this case we propose the ascent to the fortress enjoying the views of the Postiguet Beach from the street Virgen del Socorro, to enter the route that is on the west side of the Benacantil Mountain, which allows you to see the north side of the city and the Alicante mountain, views that will not leave you indifferent.


From Plaza Gómez Ulla, in front of the MARQ to the castle and vice versa.

Price: 1,45 €.

Frequency: 20 min

* CAR:

From Vázquez de Mella street.

You can go by car to leave visitors at the entrance of the castle, but parking in the grounds of the Castillo Santa Barbara is not allowed.