In previous editions

The Live The Roof cycle landed in Alicante in 2014 with the idea of reviving the essence of the legendary concert that The Beatles gave on the roof of Apple Corps in London in the middle of January 30, 1969 and that so many artists around the world have wanted to pay tribute to.

With 9 editions visiting the city of Alicante and based in the iconic Santa Barbara Castle to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, with the most spectacular views of the city and the Mediterranean at our feet, artists such as Quique Gonzalez, Mikel Erentxun, L.A., Depedro, Iván Ferreiro, Julio de la Rosa, Coque Malla, Enric Montefusco, Christina Rosenvinge, El Kanka, Mario Díaz, Neuman, Delafé, Maga, Bebe, Vega, Elefantes, Viva Suecia, Rulo, Carmen Boza, Full, La Habitación Roja, Shinova, Ángel Stanich, Luis Albert Segura, Zenet, Anni B Sweet, Shuarma, Veintiuno, Sienna, Gran Angular, Belly Basarte, Marwan, Maren or Niños Mutantes, all of them with an intimate and close

concert concept that brought music, songs and emotions between audience and artist closer, breaking the usual barrier to generate a unique sensory experience.

With the audience interacting with their favorite artists and the beautiful conditions of a cycle that is lived while it gets dark, artists feel free to share experiences with their audience, revealing personal anecdotes, stories behind the songs and records, talking one on one with their followers to create an atmosphere of complicity that elevates emotions to unsuspected limits, from singing happy birthday to their fans to telling that there are songs that are inspired by very personal family events, what is achieved in Live The Roof makes it an exclusive event that, in the city of Alicante, includes enjoying the best views and sunsets with the Mediterranean Sea and the Castle itself as the best setting for these unique concerts with reduced capacity.